Disputes in Peru

The disputes in Peru are mostly between the miners, local people and the extractive industries sector. It all started when the Peruvian government, which can be more focused with economic advancement, tried to present a minimum wage, limited public services and granted huge concessions for large projects. This kind of resulted in the indegent economy, with most residents losing their jobs. Furthermore, many huge multinational companies got hold of the majority of natural resources in Peru. So , what comes subsequent?

While there appears to be a great probability that the issues in Peru will result in social interruption and conflict, there are a few things you can do to prevent this from taking place. First off, be sure you and your residents have a powerful say in how the extractive industries sector is work. Always insist that they consult with the locals prior to doing any kind of mining or logging project that may affect the local people. If it is unavoidable, have them show the community first of all, the project’s risks and benefits to the community and just how they will pay them. This will be done on paper so that we have a clear brand of accountability.

Another way to prevent conflicts in Peru is by having an active monitoring system to keep you abreast about the progress and issues in the area. There are a large number of organizations that happen to be dedicated to making certain these types of disputes do not happen. You can also join some civil society organizations to help solve conflicts in Peru. Last but not least, ensure you know about your protection under the law as a resident of Peru and that https://andean-extractives.org/extractive-projects-and-communities-counseling-mechanisms you have the entire support and cooperation in the Peruvian federal government as well as the community population. All these steps happen to be taken to guarantee that the pure resources near your vicinity are not exploited for personal gain, environmental destruction or any different unlawful factor.

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